The Future of Online Company Stores

The SplashBrands Difference

Our team at SplashBrands is here to disrupt the traditional promotional products industry with modern online company stores personalized for your employees.

No Minimums

No Inventory

On Demand

No Inventory

No Minimums

48h Shipping

Our stores come with no order minimums, no inventory, and on demand delivery for hundreds of branded products. In other words, your employees can get branded gear when they want it, no matter the order quantity; products are branded and shipped in no more than 48 hours. Whether you are a Fortune 500 organization or a nimble startup, SplashBrands can create an online store for you.

From 2021 to 2022, SplashBrands invested over $2 million in software development and $2 million in our manufacturing facility, so we can provide our customers with an in-house solution that no one else can offer.

Unlike most competitors who outsource production, SplashBrands makes orders in-house so you can receive high-quality, single-product orders on demand. Operating out of Dallas, TX, our facility provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities all under one roof, including embroidery, direct to garment, screen printing, laser engraving, dye-sublimation, wide format printing, inkjet, and other capabilities.

To test drive your online company store for free, reach out to our team at, and we can create a branded storefront personalized for your employees within 2 days.

Software Features

Because of our proprietary software, SplashBrands offers what no other competitor can. We provide hundreds of on demand branded products with no minimums, no inventory, and ship on demand within 48 hours. Our employee stores have contemporary front-end e-commerce features similar to Shopify’s user-friendly platform. Your site will include live webpage editing and personalization, email campaign functionality, and advanced analytics among other capabilities. With our software, you can easily…

  • Edit and personalize your live storefront

  • Customize store messages throughout the shopping experience

  • Manage product selection, billing processes, and approvals across various employee groups

  • Create featured products on your website

  • Design email campaigns for your seasonal promotions

  • Create gift certificates for employees or customers

  • Manage multi-level order approvals

  • Add multiple logos on your products

  • Analyze your store with e-commerce KPIs

  • Create budgets for your employee groups

Our Partners

SplashBrands has partnered with some of the most well-known equipment manufacturers to furnish our facility, so we can provide single products on demand. Unlike any competitor, we operate in-house embroidery, direct to garment printing, laser engraving, dye-sublimation, wide-format printing, screen printing, UV inkjet, cylinder inkjet, and other capabilities.

All equipment has been integrated with our proprietary workflow software, which enables us to pick, brand, and ship your customized products in 48 hours or less.

SplashBrands also has partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry. We work with Callaway, SanMar, JDS, PCNA, and others to make sure our online stores always include the most popular products for your employees.

What’s Next

We’d love to hear from you and have your company join us as we redefine the promotional products industry. You can contact us and follow our story on our website, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Our stores officially launch in September 2022.

Interested in working with us? Reach out and we can create a free mock store with your brand in 2 days.