Summer Gifts for Employees: Ideas for Summer Employee Appreciation Packages

Showing your employees how much you appreciate their work with custom branded merchandise can be an incredible way to boost staff engagement, increase retention rates, and enhance your company culture. In fact, 83.6% of employees say the recognition they get at work affects how motivated they feel to excel in their roles.

While rewarding your employees for their efforts is crucial year-round, it can be particularly effective during the summer months. As temperatures rise, and employees start to crave more time outside of the office, a lack of recognition can lead to feelings of frustration.

As experts in on-demand merchandise printing, the team at SplashBrands knows just how powerful the right corporate summer gifts can be. If you’re looking for ideas that will delight your team this summer, here are our top recommendations.

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Ideas for Summer Employee Appreciation Gifts

During the summer months, the gifts you give your employees should be tailored specifically to their changing needs for the season. This is your chance to show how much you care about your team members, with everything from comfortable and personalized company apparel, to innovative tech gadgets, and even employee wellness gifts.

Here are some great ideas to get you inspired.

1. Practical Products and Apparel

When temperatures rise during summer, preserving the comfort and wellbeing of your employees is crucial. That starts with giving them the right clothing to match the season.

Lightweight Summer Shirts

Encourage teams to exchange long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and hoodies with lightweight polos and t-shirts that offer excellent breathability. You can even offer personalized company apparel that features a person’s name and job title, to make them feel more connected to your business.

Sunglasses & Hats

Think about how you can protect your employees when they’re outside of the office, either enjoying their favorite hobbies, or working on the field. Custom hats are an excellent way to help your teams promote your brand wherever they are, while offering protection against the sun. Branded sunglasses can be another fantastic way to defend against summer glare and highlight your logo.

2. Outdoor and Leisure Products

No matter how much your employees love working with your company, there’s a good chance they’ll spend a lot of time during summer daydreaming about their time off. Why not consider offering summer employee appreciation gifts that make those moments away from work even better?

Insulated Water Bottles

Branded water bottles will help keep your staff hydrated inside and outside of the office, doubling up as valuable employee wellness gifts. Plus, they can even help your staff members reduce their carbon footprint, by minimizing the amount of plastic waste they produce.

Coolers & Towels

Coolers are great for trips to the park, or summer BBQs with friends, while beach towels are ideal for showcasing your company’s logo during trips to the sea. You could even consider creating your own kits of outdoor promotional products for employees to buy on your Splash Brands company store.

3. Technology for Summer Adventures

Technology has become a major part of all of our lives in recent years – and it’s not just crucial in the office. Today’s team members are constantly connected to their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, even when they’re out enjoying the summer sun.

Portable Chargers

Consider offering your top employees some amazing tech gadgets for summer, branded with your company’s logo. For instance, you could distribute portable chargers to team members to ensure they never run out of power when they’re enjoying a long walk in the sunshine. Plus, these devices will come in handy in the workplace too, particularly when staff are away from their desks.

Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

To showcase your company’s fun side, you could create branded Bluetooth speakers your teams can take with them on camping trips, or use beside the pool.

4. Golf Gifts

While every employee will have their own personal hobbies they enjoy during the summer months, golf is a popular pastime for many.

For many, the allure of summer is inextricably linked to the serene greens and gentle challenges of the golf course. In recognition of this beloved pastime, SplashBrands presents a sophisticated selection of golf gifts, tailor-made to delight the golf enthusiasts in your team. These gifts are not just thoughtful gestures of appreciation; they are tools to enhance the golfing experience, blending leisure with the spirit of your brand.

Golf Bags

Provide your employees with high quality, Callaway golf bags branded specifically with your company’s logo. Perfect for golf events, large employee milestones, or one off orders from executives. You can order as few as one at a time.

Golf Towels

Our custom golf towels are a staple for any golfer, designed to keep equipment clean and dry throughout the game. Made from high-quality, absorbent materials, these towels feature a convenient clip for easy attachment to golf bags, ensuring they’re always within reach. Personalized with your company’s logo, they serve as a subtle reminder of your organization’s culture of recognition and appreciation, even on the golf course.

Divot Tools & Ball Markers

Complementing the towels, our divot repair tools marry elegance with functionality, reflecting meticulous care for the greens and the game. Alongside, our custom ball markers add a personal touch, featuring your company’s emblem to symbolize precision and excellence. Together, these gifts offer a sophisticated way to show appreciation and foster leisure pursuits among your employees.

4. Tailgate Essentials for Summer

As the summer season unfolds, bringing with it the anticipation of outdoor gatherings and spirited tailgate parties, SplashBrands gears up to ensure your team is well-equipped for these festive occasions. Our selection of tailgate essentials is designed not just for utility but as a vibrant celebration of company culture and team spirit under the sun.

Portable Fans & Cooling Towels

First in our lineup are portable fans and cooling towels, a tailgate must-have to beat the summer heat. The compact, battery-operated fans can be easily transported to any outdoor event, providing a refreshing breeze that keeps the party cool and comfortable. The custom branded towels also acts as a perfect pairing for staying cool and refreshed on-the-go.

Barbeque Spatula

No tailgate is complete without the aroma of grilled delicacies wafting through the air. Our branded BBQ spatula is the perfect companion for the grill master in your midst. Crafted for durability and precision, this spatula turns flipping burgers into a branding opportunity, showcasing your company’s attention to detail and care for its team.

Beverage Cooler

Lastly, our beverage coolers stand at the ready to quench thirsts and keep the celebration lively. Capable of holding multiple drinks at optimal temperatures, these coolers are essential for any gathering. Personalized with your branding, they not only serve chilled beverages but also reinforce your company’s presence and commitment to providing moments of joy and relaxation.

Together, these tailgate essentials from SplashBrands ensure your team’s summer gatherings are memorable, enjoyable, and infused with your company’s spirit, making every event a testament to your appreciation and camaraderie.

Show Your Employees Your Appreciation This Summer

In conclusion, thoughtful summer gifts for employees stand as a testament to an organization’s appreciation, fostering a culture of recognition and morale that resonates well beyond the warmer months. These gifts, carefully selected and personalized, not only enhance the enjoyment of summer activities but also strengthen the bond between the company and its workforce. They serve as a constant reminder of the organization’s values and the integral role each employee plays within it.

SplashBrands plays a pivotal role in facilitating these tokens of appreciation through its wide array of customized, on-demand branded merchandise. Our expertise in crafting high-quality, personalized items ensures that every gift from SplashBrands carries with it a message of gratitude and acknowledgment. Whether it’s through custom-branded summer apparel, outdoor and leisure products, technology accessories for summer adventures, golf gifts, or tailgate essentials, SplashBrands offers a unique blend of practicality and personal touch.

By choosing SplashBrands, companies can seamlessly express their appreciation for their team’s dedication and hard work, ensuring that each gift resonates with personal significance. It’s not just about the items themselves but the message they convey: a heartfelt thank you from the company, embodied in each customized product. In doing so, SplashBrands helps foster a positive, engaged, and appreciated workforce, ready to thrive and succeed together.