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An online fundraising store gives your business an incredible way to not only raise awareness of your cause, but increase your chances of donations too. In today’s digital world, virtual fundraising has become a major phenomenon, with countless supporters sending donations to companies worldwide.

At SplashBrands, we’re on a mission to help companies of all sizes reach their fundraising goals, with access to intuitive, branded, and customizable online stores that inspire one-off and recurring donations. Here’s how you can take your fundraising effort to the next level with SplashBrands.

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The Power of Online Fundraising

Though traditional fundraising efforts are still important in today’s world, the rise of the digital landscape has led to a major change in how people support the causes they care about. Around 48% of consumers and supporters now donate using digital channels.

Digitizing your fundraising program is an excellent way to boost your chances of reaching your goals. With an online fundraising store, you can unlock:

Greater Reach and Accessibility

An online fundraising platform makes it easy for people all over the world to donate to a cause in seconds. If you have a remote or hybrid workforce, you can empower every member of your team to donate to your fundraising campaign, through your online company store.

Cost Effective Strategy

Compared to traditional fundraising efforts, which often involve hosting events and reaching out to supporters in person, an online fundraising store is a simpler, more cost-effective option. You can reduce the overhead associated with raising awareness of your cause, and minimize operational costs.

Plus, you can easily update your fundraising efforts over time, adapting everything from your donation form, from the ways donators can get involved in a few minutes.

Improved Data Insights and Engagement Opportunities

With your own online fundraising store, it’s easy to engage with donors and supporters on a constant basis. You can highlight your store on social media and other channels, to attract more attention, and share insights into the progress you’re making towards your fundraising goal.

Plus, with company stores from SplashBrands, you can monitor useful analytics and metrics, accessing insights into which strategies are driving the best results.

How You Can Use Your SplashBrands Store to Fundraise

At SplashBrands, we take a revolutionary approach to upgrading the online presence of every business we work with. We create custom company stores for organizations, where they can sell branded merchandise, showcase promo products, and even allow employees to choose their own branded gifts and rewards.

Our custom stores also offer companies two unique ways to reach their fundraising goals. First, at checkout, you can add a donation button, to allow buyers the option of donating extra cash to your chosen cause. Secondly, you can choose to markup certain promotional products, and collect royalties on store sales, which you can then send to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

Getting started is simple, all you need to do is:

  • Request a demo store: Share your brand logo and colors with us, and we’ll create a demo fundraising store for you to explore in as little as 48 hours.
  • Customize your store: We’ll help you select a store name, set up advertising campaigns, create secure groups, and even adjust your shipping and billing strategies.
  • Launch your store: Use our convenient tools to launch and manage your store, user groups, ads, and messaging.

Key Online Fundraising Store Features

SplashBrands’ custom company stores streamline everything from employee engagement, to maximizing profits, and achieving your fundraising goals. With SplashBrands, you get:

  • Custom branding: Personalize your store’s appearance with user-friendly branding tools, and make your company store stand out from the crowd.
  • Unique experiences: Enhance your fundraising results with custom settings. Business leaders can even include per-product donation options for select items.
  • Instant insights: Promote your store with our advertising tools, and track the performance of every campaign. Our useful analytics give you a behind-the-scenes insight into success.

Our highly customizable, user-friendly platform can adapt to any company’s needs, whether you’re fundraising, helping employees order customer apparel, or offering access to branded employee gifts. We even offer instant access to more than 1000 brand-able products!

Build the Ultimate Online Fundraising Store with SplashBrands

Creating your own online fundraising store to support your cause couldn’t be easier with SplashBrands. Whether you’re using the profits from more than 1000 branded products to achieve your fundraising goals, or you’re encouraging supporters to donate, we can help.

Reach out to the team at SplashBrands and find out how easy it can be to raise money for a worthy cause with our expert assistance and unique technology.

Ready to get started? Create a demo store with SplashBrands today and see the benefits for yourself.