Introducing Swag on Demand: Flexible Branded Merchandise

Are you looking for a way to simplify custom swag production? Do you want to offer branded merchandise to your employees and customers, but don’t want the hassle of managing inventory or working with endless suppliers yourself? That’s where Swag on Demand comes in, the convenient on-demand branded merchandise production service from SplashBrands.

At SplashBrands, we’re revolutionizing the development of both branded merchandise and company stores, with a simple solution that features no order minimums, and no inventory to worry about. We streamline every stage of the process, from creating your corporate store, to managing orders.

Here’s what you can expect from our flexible swag management platform.

No Inventory

No Minimums

48h Shipping

The Benefits of Swag on Demand

With the Swag on Demand service from SplashBrands, you can sidestep all the headaches of managing merchandise inventory. Our comprehensive solution gives you everything you need to start ordering branded merchandise, with no minimum orders, from customizable company storefronts, to endless corporate branding solutions.

Whether you’re creating employee engagement merchandise to reward and excite your team members, or you’re designing promotional items for customers, Swag On Demand delivers:

  • Instant access to endless branded product options.
  • No minimum orders on any purchase (buy what you need when you need it).
  • Rapid turnaround times, with orders shipped in 2-5 business days.
  • Cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly on demand production.
  • Your very own branded merchandise store.

How It works: The SplashBrands Approach

At SplashBrands, we don’t just make it easier for every company to access incredible no minimum order swag, we also give you the tools you need to manage your entire merchandise strategy. The process starts when you reach out to our team with your logos and color palettes. From there, we:

  • Design a custom branded merch store for you: We’ll build a store with your brand colors and logos, and instant access to all of the SplashBrands customizable products. We’ll create a demo store for you in as little as 2 weeks 24 hours, so you can start experimenting instantly.
  • Help you customize your site: We’ll help you select the ideal store name, give you store designer tools to experiment with, and even provide access to our comprehensive ad builder solutions, for promoting your products via carousels, emails, and more.
  • Launch your store: With your approval we’ll launch your store, giving you full access to the backend, where you can access different price levels, order approval tools, solutions for creating gift certificates, budgeting software, and reporting and analytics tools.

Once your store is launched, you can create accounts for your team members or customers, allowing them to place orders whenever they choose. We’ll produce the products requested on-demand, so there’s no inventory to manage, and ship them straight to buyers within 2-5 business days.

The Key Features of SplashBrands Swag on Demand

Our unique flexible merchandise ordering and store creation solution gives companies everything they need to create and order branded products on demand. You gain access to a host of incredible features, including:

  • A customizable store design
  • Multiple logo options for your branded merchandise
  • The ability to adjust pricing for different groups
  • Gift certificates and deals
  • Ad design tools
  • SEO and analytics tools
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Budgeting software to help with managing costs
  • Order approval systems

Our reporting dashboards even include comprehensive insights into abandoned cart rates, conversion rates, inventory reports, top-selling products, and more.

Production Capabilities

With SplashBrands Swag on Demand, you don’t just get a comprehensive merch store, you also get the support of our in-house production team. At SplashBrands, we create all of our promotional products in-house, ensuring complete control over brand consistency.

Our team uses proprietary cutting-edge software and hardware, to deliver the best possible manufacturing environment for custom swag. We create apparel and hard goods in a range of categories, using in-house production methods like dye-sublimation, embroidery, engraving, wide-format printing, direct to garment, UV inkjet, cylinder inkjet and more!

We also implement stringent quality assurance methods, to ensure your on-demand branded merchandise always exceeds expectations.

Explore the benefits of being able to create, promote, and order custom promo items instantly, without the hassle, with SplashBrands’ Swag on Demand service. Contact us today for a demo and get started with your very own custom swag production strategy.