Christ’s Haven for Children provides a warm, loving, Christian home where children in need of care can grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become productive citizens in society.

Family Style Foster Care

Since 1954 Christ’s Haven has been providing family style group foster care for abused, neglected, and abandoned children.
Family Atmosphere

We provide a family atmosphere for our children and teens rather than an institutional structure.

House Parents

Each home has a married couple (houseparents) and up to six children in it providing a normal parental setting for children.

Stable Environment
Kids go to church, to public school, play sports, participate in extracurricular activities, and do most things much like your family does.
Trauma Informed Care
Case managers and counselors support children in their journey of recovery from their past abuse and neglect.

Challenges Experienced By Children Arriving At Christ’s Haven

  • 100% of the children at Christ’s Haven have been physically abused, emotionally abused and/or neglected.

  • 70% of the children have been sexually molested or abused.

  • Many Christ’s Haven kids come from broken homes, homes abandoned by one or both parents, parents who went to jail or prison, who suffered from substance addiction, and more.

  • Traumatic events can impact these children for the rest of their lives and wreak havoc manifest in joblessness, homelessness, mental illness, marital and relational instability, depression and other issues.

  • Children who have experienced trauma can find healing and avoid many of the symptoms of trauma if they have a safe place in which to heal, breaking the cycle.

Why Is Christ’s Haven For Children Different?

At-Risk/Abused Children Served
0 Years
Caring For At-Risk Children
0 Years
Historic Tenure of House Parents

Life Path Program for Teens/Young Adults

Providing A Platform For Young Adults To Successfully Launch Into Adulthood.
Life Path Program

Beginning their junior year in high school, every child participates in our Life Path program where they learn critical life skills, explore college and career options, and hear from motivational speakers who have overcome obstacles.

Focus on Higher Education

All young people that might typically “age out” of care when they turn 18 are encouraged to stay, graduate from high school, and pursue post-secondary education.

Prepare for Life Success

Upon graduation, children may stay in our transitional housing while working & pursuing post-secondary education all while continuing to receive support, guidance, and assistance with skills development.

Our desired outcome is to see children grow into healthy adults who break the cycle of abuse, poverty and addiction, to see children become productive citizens that care about the world around them.
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