Best Gift Ideas for Employees in 2023

Company swag is more than just branded merchandise. It’s a better and more creative way to increase employee and customer engagement.

Swag is more than just a ploy to raise brand awareness. With company swag, you’re building a better relationship with your crowd. You’ll be creating a stronger bond between your employees, effectively creating a happier work environment. Plus, your customers will appreciate the attention to detail and will be able to feel the confidence exuding from your business.

When it comes to company swag, take a step forward from the generic, boring items we’ve all seen before. 72% of consumers believe that your brand’s reputation is directly reflected by the quality of products you provide them. Show your audience that they are truly important to you with some of the best ideas for 2023.

We’ve created a comprehensive list to help you pick out the newest and most thoughtful swag ideas for the new year!

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Kids & Baby Apparel

We can all agree that t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, while practical, are a little played out when it comes to company swag. However, our kids probably haven’t had a piece of the t-shirt action.

Let’s face it, babies are the cutest! Imagine the creative ways you could incorporate your brand on onesies and booties for the little ones. Plus, there are bibs, bottles, cloth diapers, and pacifiers you can customize as well. Babies won’t know what they mean, but they’ll look great in your company swag, and everyone will notice!

Pet Swag

For many people, puppies are arguably even more adorable than babies. Many pet parents will tell you that their furry friends are a huge part of their lives in the same way. You may have even seen (or heard) them in a virtual meeting or two. So, what better way to show them you’re thinking of them than with branded pet accessories?

This is a fun idea that covers many different merch items you can customize. Fido will appreciate personalized collars, bowls, toys, and animal sweaters.

Let’s not forget our cat lovers! They might just be satisfied with your employee’s keyboard, but they could use collars and a food bowl, too.

Plant Pots

After the babies and the puppies, what’s left? Plants for the garden enthusiasts!

There are plenty of people who consider themselves to be green thumbs and are always looking for the next pots for their plants to live in. Create some personalized plant pots with your company logo and add some custom watering canisters to help your audience liven up their workspace.

Health & Wellness Boxes

Caring for your customers and employees means caring about their health and wellness. Allow them to get in a little bit of self-care with a health box. There are a few different ideas you could go with, from personal care to physical care.

For example, you could have a box with branded weights, a yoga mat, workout attire, and a fit bit. For those more interested in self-care, you can incorporate sleeping masks, lotions, face masks, massagers, blankets, and lip balms.

Either way, your clients will appreciate the concern for their comfort and physical and mental health.

Remote & Hybrid WFH Swag

40% of workers feel as though they’re more productive in a work-from-home environment. If your company has inherited a remote or hybrid work environment, consider giving your workers a WFH survival package.

Think about what your workers utilize in the office that they may not already have at home. Virtual staff could use some typical office equipment, for starters. This comes with your usual pens, notepads, and agendas.

Take it a step further and add custom desk organizers, mouse pads, headphones, and screen cleaners. If you really want to stand out, consider introducing ergonomic chairs and ring lights into the mix.

Snacks & Treats

Foodies everywhere love having their cravings catered to. Satisfy their hunger with a box of chocolate-covered pretzels or nuts, or a jar of cookies or candies.

The jars and containers can have your brand logo on them, or you can go the extra mile and customize a snack cooler. There are even some micro-fridges available where you can stock some small drinks and packaged snacks.

For those who like more savory snacks over a sweet tooth, consider packaged rice, nuts, a BBQ cooking set, or even a mini charcuterie board.

Finally, for happy hour connoisseurs, consider a cocktail kit. These can include wine or shot glasses, custom coasters, koozies, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, and a mini cocktail recipe book.

Gift Certificates

In case your customers want a little something extra to represent your company, offer a gift certificate for your eCommerce company swag store.

When all else fails, gift certificates allow your audience to get as much of your swag as they want. You can apply some promotional discounts or allow them to buy a virtual gift card to give to their friends and family.