Art Guidelines

What file format do you need for artwork and logos?

Adobe Illustrator files (vector art with paths) in an AI or EPS format with all fonts converted to outlines.
We can accept vector PDFs that contain layered AI or EPS files.

These usually do not work for production file setup:

JPEG, GIF, Bitmap, PNG images dragged from a website or files in a low-resolution format. Usually, these kinds of files have to be recreated from scratch and incur additional artwork fees.

Unsupported art file formats:

QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Publisher and Freehand. Microsoft Office programs like Work, Power Point and Excel are not graphics programs and production will not be able to work with those types of files.

Please be aware that small-size, low resolution or jagged images that have been saved with a name change of “.eps” extension will not work. This does not change the file type.

Unsure if you have the correct artwork format?

Send it and we will let you know.

What is the difference between vector and raster art?

Vector graphics are composed of paths. Vector graphics use mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them to describe an image.

The following file types are OFTEN vector-based:
.ai | .cdr | .eps | .pdf | .ps | .wmf

The above file types can be raster, vector or a combination of both, depending on the contents embedded. Files cannot be converted from raster to vector. A program may let the extension be changed to .eps but it does not make the file vector.

What if I don’t have good artwork or logo files?

We have talented designers who can correct, create or design files for you. The art fee is $60 an hour.

What is PMS Color Matching?

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System®. It is the standard color matching system that allows printers to choose a color without leaving it up to an individuals’ subjectivity. Each color in the Pantone color chart corresponds to a particular number so that if you say your logo is royal blue, we can pick an accurate blue to recreate. PLEASE NOTE: Because computer monitors display colors in RGB format, the color that you see on your screen may not be accurately calibrated to the actual PMS color chart.