A coalition to transform lives, homes and communities.
Cities, businesses, non-profits, schools and churches collaborate to serve struggling families and children to experience a better life.

Night Of Hope

Christmas Gifts for Low Income Children & Families!

Operation Back 2 School

Backpacks, School Supplies, Social Services and Hope for Kids!
  • The goal of Operation Back 2 School is to supply students with a new backpack, school supplies, and provide their parents with resources to help all year long.

  • 55% of HEB ISD students come from homes that are economically disadvantaged.

  • 32,161 students have been provided backpacks and grade specific school supplies in 8 years.

  • Over 800 volunteers annually participate in the backpack/school supplies program to help students from all HEB ISD 20 elementary schools and 7 secondary schools.

  • 51 social services groups and 21 churches were involved in 2017 supporting children.

Community Powered Revitalization (CPR)

Volunteers Changing Lives One Home At A Time!
Homes Updated in 8 Years
Volunteer Hours Invested
Retail Impact Invested

Additional 6 Stones Community Programs

New Hope Center, Community Ministries, Food Share Partners Program, Family Serve Day, Black and Blue Food Drive
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